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Many of our projects are restoration projects on historic buildings that are in daily use. Common problems we come across are water ingress, damp, rotted woodwork and corroded metal that are threatening the safe use of the building. Commonly we find inappropriate repairs particularly where cement plaster has been used over lime-based mortar sealing what was previously a “breathing” wall, trapping moisture which in turn has generally caused more damage to the underlying brickwork.

Our work focuses on restoring the building to its original state using traditional matching materials guided by the general principles of conservation making the building safe to use once more. In using traditional methods and materials, we also ensure the building is preserved for future generations to enjoy.


From earliest times shelter was built using the materials available in the nearby area. Houses evolved using natural materials, primarily timber, stone and earth. Skills with natural materials evolved to develop buildings that were both functional and admirable. The availability of traditional materials in a location have shaped the styles and character of our built heritage. Metals such as iron, lead and copper also played an important role.

At the turn of the 20th Century new methods of building were devised as the type of building we are more familiar with today using concrete blocks and cavity walling became popular through mass production.  This change also brought new building techniques that were quite different to traditional methods.

Traditional materials and structures allowed for the impact of local weather conditions, for example,  absorbing rainfall to a degree without allowing it to penetrate into the interior of the building. Modern construction methods and materials work in the opposite way repelling the elements – a principle that has been misunderstood down through the last Century leading to inappropriate repairs to older buildings causing issues with damp as moisture becomes trapped and deterioration of the original structure.

We at CK Roofing and Carpentry Ltd have developed our skills with traditional materials over the last decade, working with specialist craftsmen to repair and restore buildings to their former glory.




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